Cute Keys

Cute Keys (S60 3rd) 1.1

Configure shortcuts to mobile phone functions


  • Unlimited number of shortcuts


  • Remembering them all is a challenge


I don't know about you, but I've developed something of an addiction for using keyboard shortcuts on my PC, to the extent that more poor keys are looking pretty battered at the moment.

Why should it just be my computer's keyboard that suffers all this damage? Now you can set up keyboard shortcuts on your phone thanks to Cute Keys. The program lets you set up an unlimited number of shortcuts for both making calls and accessing your most commonly used functions on your Nokia, such as opening programs or activating Bluetooth.

Of course, many models of phone come with their own shortcut capabilities, but their use is generally limited to a few specific functions and you don't get much freedom. Cute Keys changes all that, allowing you to define shortcuts using two, three or even four different key presses.

Once you start to use the app you quickly realise that its shortcut functionality extends to just about every area of your phone. You can open an application, send an SMS, access your mail, and much, much more. The number of functions you can control is only limited to the number of keys you have on your handset, allowing you to program oodles of tasks.

If you want a quick way to access all the features of your phone, then you should definitely check out Cute Keys. Remembering all those shortcuts may take some time though!

Cute Keys


Cute Keys (S60 3rd) 1.1

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